Buying Apogee Divas Now

I remember attending a HiFi show in London 20 years ago and hearing Apogee Divas for the first time. Probably the best speakers I have ever heard. I listened to another pair of Divas 10 years ago and the magic was still there. I am now contemplating purchasing a used pair on Audiogon or eBay. My question is threefold:

1. Do the Divas still compare favorably to todays high end speakers? I currently use B&W N801 in my main listening room driven by a Krell KSA-250.

2. When buying a used pair of Divas what do I need to look for to make sure they are in good working condition? Is it as simple as playing a demonstration CD?

3. How difficult are Divas to get serviced now that Apogee are out of business and do they require frequent service?
1.) I believe Apogees are still one of the very best speakers extant. They are
dipoles, and will give a different presentation than your B&W speakers. That is
a matter of preference.

2.) You do need to play them. The big Apogees are prone to foam surround
rot caused by time, and weather. Look for dust at the bottom of the panels. If
it has deteriorated, you will hear a buzz, or hum. Check the ribbons for
taughtness. They should be loose, but straight, with no sagging. The frame
should not have joint cracks.

3.) It is easy to get Apogees serviced. You have two choices. Graz of Australia
makes fine ribbons, and ships them all over the world. There are one or two
people in the States, who have been licensed to do repairs, using his ribbons.
You can do the work yourself, if you have the time, and temperament.

On the East Coast there is a former Apogee employee, Robert Dragunas, who
has all the original Apogee jigs, and materials. He can refurbish any Apogee.
He charges a reasonable fee, and is fast.
Did you buy they Divas?
I am sure there are highend speakers with today technology compartible to the Diva... but you probably with have to pay $20,000 or more for such sound... IMO