Burson Audio op amp (discrete)

Hello everyone, I am interested in the Burson Audio Play(https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/play/), it use discrete op amps that can be updated by another with higher quality audio(https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/supreme-sound-opamp-v6/), Burson Audio sells them, the Play uses Switching Power Supply, but does not use a transformer of any kind, it uses transistors, here they explain it: https: //www.bursonaudio.com/about-us/max-current-power-supply/, I have the DAC Pre-amp Emotiva XDA-1 with toroidal transformer and discrete output stage (not op amps) would be a good update with the Play or do I still use the Emotiva as preamp? Thank you.
I heard a high voltage tube amp powered from a bank of SMPS and it sounded very fast with techno type music. I’ve no idea how it sounded with female voice or jazz etc so I can’t vouch for absolute sound quality. The general consensus is that the high frequency chopping of the incoming power can introduce noise which can harden the sound with high order odd harmonics. It’s often a lot cheaper to leave out the large transformer necessary for a 60Hz power supply so some manufacturers might find that attractive.