Just received my new toy A Burson HA-160 headamp

I’ve just received my first toy in 12 months! It’s an Australian made Burson Audio HA-160 purchased from Partsconnexion.


Burson Website:

I was very impressed with their integrated amp PI-160 previously so when PCX putted the HA-160 on sale, I just couldn’t resist. : )

Built quality:
Very elegant! Simply the best looking headphone amp I’ve ever seen. Silver rushed aluminium casing with the Burson Audio logo engraved on the front plate. The entire case is aluminium (not just the front plate) which keeps the temperature of this class-A operation under control. It’s been on for about 12 hours now and it’s just a bit warm.

The size is about 6 * 3 * 8 inch, not big but weights around 3 lbs.

Functionality wise it’s lean. One pair of RCA input, power switch on the back, 2 sets of outputs to better match headphone impedance and a step attenuator volume control.

I am resisting the temptation to open the bonnet… just for now….

It is burning-in over the weekend but my first impression is overwhelmingly positive! It is already betting the crap out of my old Lehmann.

The amp is driving my HD650 very comfortably although I am still waiting for the bass section to open up just a bit more. The mid and high are already beautiful. A bit tube like… a bit sweet but very refreshing and very musical. Plenty of “air” between instruments and the micro details are very satisfying. I guess it’s a shrunk down version of their integrated amp as they bear a similar flavour.

I will give a more detailed listening impression once this baby is fully burn-in : )
That's a nice looking headamp. I heard some good things about Burson Audio too. Please keep us posted.

Can you tell me more about their integrated amp? Please? I am planning to buy a new amp after the new year.
The PI-160 is one of the best integrated amp I’ve heard. I borrowed one from a friend some months ago and couldn’t stop listening for that entire weekend! It was very musical, warm and liquid in the mid to mid high. It sounded like a tube amp but with the driving power and resolution that I’ve never heard from any tube amps.

Their PI-160 is what motivated me into buying the head amp and thank God, the head amp is bearing all the characteristics it.

If you are going to get one then now could be a good time as Partsconnxion is having a sale on it at the moment.
Thanks. The PI-160 is very promising, more so since it's on sale... but I am moving house at this moment... : (

Thanks again! and I am looking forward to your headphone amp review.