Bryston SP1.7

I'v been saving for about a year for a bryston sp1.7 to compliment my bryston 14bsst and soon to purchase a 6bsst
to complete my surround sound system. The question is I'v
herd that bryston is upgrading the sp1.7 with new dsp and was wondering should I wait for the new sp1.7 to come out
or purchase now , I just dont want to have to send it back for an upgrade after I just purchased it and take it out of my rack and be without for awhaile. Love my bryston amp...

The Bryston web site ( often has product info that alerts buyers to planned product releases, so you might check there. You could also drop an E-mail to James Tanner at Bryston -- he's great about quick response, and will certainly let you know what's planned for the SP1.7.
I e-mailed Bryston regarding the upgrade and was told that it will be fairly extensive including new cosmetics and circuitry. the upgrade cost from the SP 1.7 is said to be about $1,800 while I was told that there will be a 5% price increase over the Sp 1.7 on the new unit.

I believe there is now a write up on the upgrade on the Bryston web site.

Did you end up going with the sp1.7 or sp2? Were you ever able to compare the two versions against each other or the SP1? I have an SP1 and am considering upgrading to the SP2 but can not find any feedback regarding any improvement in sound quality from one version to the next.
I went from the SP1 to the SP2 and highly recommend the upgrade.