Bryston B-60R SST integrated amp suggestions

I own the B-60R SST. The only trouble is trying to mate it with a CD player that I like. So far I've tried the Bryston BCD-1 & Arcam CD37 both connected with an RCA pair of Harmonic Tech Magic Link. Neither player does it for me. Does a tube CD player work better? Suggestions? Thanks.
I've heard the BCD-1 and its very good with lots of detail and but could be perceived as wee bit sterile. The Arcam may offer up less detail but could be a bit more "polite" in presentation.

I think you need to better define what is lacking in the presentation. A cd player with tubes will most definitely give you something different but it may not be what you are looking for...
both players you mentioned are good machines. You need to be more descriptive about what you want and what you did not like. just saying that it doesn't do it for you does not help make recommendations.
The BCD-1, while sounding great with instrumental music, didn't impress with the vocal presentation of most discs. Vocals were presented as over-emphasized & raspy. The CD37, while sounding nice, is too smooth at the top end.

Maybe the B60 amp needs to be replaced. I read about how so many people are happy with their B60. Perhaps I'm just to critical.
The Cambridge 840C might fit the bill - it appears to have a devout following and might get you closer to your target - maybe somewhere between your two auditions to date.

If you reside close to a few dealers and are willing to pay close to retail for the opportunity to audition in home I would suggest that route. Try before you buy is always a good choice...