Bryston and Pass preamps...

Has anyone compared the two.A bp-25 to a X-1..
I went from a BP25 to an X1. The X1 is just more detailed and finer in all areas. I feel it is best to match your preamp with your amp though. It creates synergy. If you have a Bryston amp, go with the BP25. If you're changing both, go with the X1 for more quality sound at at much higher cost though.
Amp is Pass x600...The bryston is good.but was wondering how much better the x-1 whould be..
I've done a sighted level matched comparison between the BP26 and the X1. I really expected the X1 to be better in some area, but the two are indisguishable. The BP26 is the best preamp value I know. My only wish is that it have a unity gain input.

I sold the X1 and kept the BP26 for use with Bryston 7B SST amps. I much prefer the user interface of the Bryston over the X1.
You can buy my BP-26 when I'm dead.