Using two preamps together to use the phono on one

Can I connect two preamps together so as to use the phono-stage only on one of them? I'm thinking about buying a better preamp to match-up with my Mcintosh 7270 power amp. However, many preamps and multi channel processors don't have phono-stages. I have an old NAD 1130 preamp that has a nice phono-stage, but can I connect it to the Aux of another preamp? Or does the preamp need a "Aux/ph" input in order to work??
Yah, you should be able to just plug it into the Aux input of your new preamp.

If you get a new preamp with a "phono" input, then you could plug your phono into that and retire the NAD.

But if you still want to us the NAD phono stage, then use the Aux.
It would probably be sonically preferable to connect the "tape out (rec)" output of the 1130 to the Aux (or any other line-level/non-phono) input of the new preamp, rather than using either of the main outputs of the 1130 ("normal out" or "high out").

Using the main outputs of the 1130 would introduce unnecessary circuitry into the signal path, including the 1130's volume control.

I do exactly what you are proposing in my own system, connecting the tape output of a preamp which includes a phono stage to a line-level (i.e., non-phono) input of a preamp which does not include a phono stage.

Situations in which it might be preferable to use one of the main outputs of the 1130 rather than the tape output, however, would be if the length of the cables between the two preamps were unusually long, or if the input impedance of the line-level preamp were unusually low. In those cases the considerably higher output impedance of the 1130's tape output, compared to the output impedance of the main outputs, might make it preferable to use one of the main outputs.

-- Al
Yup, tape/record out to line level input.

I just ran through this exact scenario last night looking at possible pre-amps for my second system.

I'm currently using an old NAD 7020 receiver as pre-amp and use an old Dual 1264 on occasion with it. I also have a spare vintage Yamaha receiver with phono I might use.
If you get a better pre it'll be worth it later on. I had a 7270 for 18 years and it worked perfectly. I sold it 6 years ago and it is still working fine according to the buyer. I ran a Soundcraftsmen 4200 into a Carver C-1 using the 7270 and it worked fine. I did it to use the Carver Sonic holography. The pre was cheaper than the C-9 outboard at the time. Best of luck.