Bryston 14b-SST or 7b-SST?

They have the same power ratings but, Which is better? Stereophile had the 14b-SST in Class A and the 7b-SST in Class B in Recommended Components, but I want opinion from you guys who own or audition them. Thank you
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"There would be 2 advantages to a 7B over a 14B.

The 7B being Mono allows you to place the amplifier very close to each speaker - always a good idea-- and the 7B has twice the capacitance in the power supply section over the 14B.

Other than that they are identical.

A pair of 7B's is about 5% more expensive.

Ellyjr We have owned both the 7Bsst and 14Bsst as well as other Bryston products , In my humble opinion the 14B gets the nod , its slightly smoother and more grain free . Both were great performers you wont be disappointed with either . But I do have to agree with stereophile on this one . For another perspective you might try to find the reveiws from the now defunked Inner Ear Report they tested both and also preferred the 14B , there editor Ernie Fisher said the 14B was his favorite solid state amp , Ernie was Canada 's version of J Gordon Holt . Good quality speaker cables degrade the music much less over distance than cheaper , thiner ones, keep all distances as short as possible is my 2 cents worth. Max
Thank you for all your response. I think I can't go wrong with either amp. I'll be watching and wait for it to come up for sale. thanks again
I would recommed the "filter choke upgrade" for both 14B-SST or 7B-SST. Check out the link I sent earlier and search the Bryston Circle (all info is there). Some people on A'Gon sell the amps with the upgrade already done. It made a noticeable difference on the high frequecies for me.

Last year I put my upgraded 7B-SST's for sale here in A'Gon but I pulled the ad and decided to keep the amps. I was considering upgrading to the newer SST2 series. Instead, I just bought a Torus power unit for the amps. The newer 7B-SST2 amps have the Torus stuff built in.