Bright Star Audio Isolation Devices

Are these things more then just a sand box with a weight on top? Has anyone found that using them actually worsened the sound of their system? Thanks in advance, Emil
Emil, most reveiwers like them very much, but I would not use this system on purely aesthetic reasons, looks like you encase your beautiful component in a crypt, visually unacceptable to me. I prefer simple, elegant solutions that are invisible or visually pleasing.
I use them along with Zoethecus stands. The work well, however I prefer home made vibration dampers made of small lead shot in rectangular bags. I've played around with various vibration control strategies incluing special floor bracing. In my opinion what works best is very equipment and structurally dependent albertporter had an excellent post a few months back on the amp stands thread that is worth reading.
I picked up a couple, one under my CD, one under my preamp. No audible difference in my set up
I put my Rega Planar 3 (after replacing stock rubber feet with cones) on a Bright Star sandbox. I was looking for cleaner definition of highs and silkier vocals and got a very pleasing improvement. I paid a demo price for the box so don't have to gripe about the price too much. The TT/sandbox sits on Vibrapods on a Sound Organization welded rack. (The vpods are only for footfall-type shock absorption. I haven't liked their effect on the sound in my system when directly under the TT or speakers.)