Bricasti M1 vs new M3

I've been using and loving an original Bricasti M1 (not SE) for awhile and have been offered a fair price for it. Is it worth selling and getting a new M3? Anyone have any 1st hand experience comparing each unit?
Ddafoe: please do try a higher performance streamer.  I think you might be very pleasantly surprised.  My own experience showed me that I got a bigger improvement in performance from a better streamer than from a better DAC.  I Also know I’m not the only in these forums to have that experience.  

It could be that your source was limiting the ability to distinguish between the Bricasti and Simaudio units.  I auditioned  the 390 - and it’s quite good.  I ran several streamers to it and the differences were pronounced.

Of course, YMMV, but if you’re looking for an upgrade path, you might find a new world of performance from both the 380 (if you still have it) or the M3.


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06-26-2020 8:03am
Ddafoe: please do try a higher performance streamer.  I think you might be very pleasantly surprised.

This is indeed very sound advice. A streamer can be just as important as the DAC
Another friend installed the MDx upgrade in her Bricasti M21 DAC. She sent me the instructions from Bricasti and walked me thru the process. It takes about 30 minutes and is not complicated (maybe).

I ordered the MDx board and will install it. She said her audio system sounds better, more natural and detailed. The Mdx Board Cost is $700.

Bricasti reports the list price is $1,000 and the current cost is $700. This is a special MDx upgrade board offer GOOD until July 15th and after that the price goes up. Tools needed are:

a) Torx #8 driver for the top cover or #1 Philips

b) ¼ nut driver for the stand offs

c) #1 Philips driver for the internal screws.

d) 5/8” Nut driver socket wrench to remove the nut on the SPDIF RCA, it is not too tight and may come off with your hand.

I have an M1SE and ordered the MDx board.  It arrived next day.  Installation was easy.  The improvements are readily heard, larger soundstage and faster deeper bass.  Textures are also more interesting.  Aside4 from DSD256 it also is able to play direct DSD which I think alone is worth the cost.  More refinement over DoP.