Brand/model of interconnect cable?

Probably a rookie question from an old man, but...

I am in the process of assembling my audio gear (acquired in ~1996) for sale and I cannot identify the brand or model number of the interconnect cables that I used between a Melos SHA Gold and Sunfire 300 amplifier. The cables are gray and marked with a 'T' on each end that is bracketed by what looks more or less like a stylized 'J' on the right and same figure turned 180 clockwise on the left. Also marked 'NC*MX' on the male end. Powerful magnification was required to get that info! My other major cables were Transparent but these are not. I thought they might be old Tara Labs but the logo does not match, at least their current website logo. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Can you take a photo and post a link to it to help Agoners help you identify the ICs?
Would love to. Not obvious how to do that but have photo. Can you point me to the right place to upload?
Jjfelton3...the easiest way I can think of doing it is to upload the photo on a site like (i beleive signing up is free) and then providing a link here to the uploaded photo at Hope this helps.