Boy, am I bummed.

I bought a brand new Music Hall Maverick SACD player. I finally got it opened and installed into my new office and it will not play a single SACD; it will only play in Redbook CD layer format. What's more: it makes a very loud white noise whooshing sound when it it put into SACD format. Don't they test these things when they leave the building? Now I have to go thru the hassle of packing it up and shipping it back (UPS paperwork, hassle, phone calls, return authorization, etc.). Yeah, I know everything needs to be serviced and repaired from time to time but BRAND NEW??

Why is that you can buy and $149 piece of equipment from Best Buy, where they just throw it around the loading dock, and you bring it home, plug it in, and it works just fine---but a brand new piece of audiophile gear that I happily paid a lot of money for and whammo, gotcha!

I don't care how good it is supposed to sound; it sure doesn't sound good now.

First impressions are lasting impressions.
That is a bummer. When that happens to me, the worst part is that I go from a level of high excitement to a state of depression -- I'd rather the cheap Best Buy stuff not work since I'm never as excited about it to begin with. Hang in there! When you finally get the equipment to work, it'll be worthwhile! -- provided you don't get any ground loop hums or other problems ;-) Ain't this a fun hobby???
Dont take it too hard, the best way for a product to fail is right out of the box. I took great pleasure bashing a (cheap)Toshiba DVD player with a sledge hammer before dumping it in the can. It was not really worth throwing more money at. It had a great picture and good sound...until the warrenty ran out. Researched and found similar consumer experiences. Its better to find out right away and have a chance to check into things and decide if you want to try a replacement of the same product. Might be you got a very rare lemmon, at least at his point you have options.
Music Hall is a good product for the money, but they have been known to have some issues. I bought my 2 year old Music Hall CD 25 brand new, right out of the box, the remote didn't work!
When I called the dealer he was aware of the problem and contacted MH on my behalf. MH kind of took their time to send me a working remote, probably around 2 or 3 weeks! What made matters worse was that many of the features can only work thru the remote! So yes, definitely a bummer, but very happy with the product after the fact. Good luck with your return!
i hate that when that happens,talk about a let down.

blkard,hahaha,i thought i was the only one who freaks out & smashes gear after too much frustration.

i freaked out & threw an amp down 2 flights of stairs when it was acting up,man did that feel good!
When my CAL Alpha started giving me problems,i popped up the cover and tortured it with the pliers,twisting and ripping out parts.Then,with a scream it went down the chute.
Audio police never showed up.
Go to walmart, buy a Panasonic S27 DVD/CDP, for 80.00, and you will have the same performance. I know, and I am not kidding.
The do reliability testing and engineer for survival.

Most tweaks only add their own parts and usually ruin the durability. CD and DVD player are all pretty much built in two places, and they ain't here. Then they all buy the same mechanisims and add thier own DA converters or toob stages and charge 10 times as much. Is it worth it, who can say but you do pay in $$$, service, and reliability.

Your purchasing often times, someones extended hobby.