Box for LP's

I recently inherited many lovely albums but the covers are all mildewed and other wise ruined. The albums are pristine and can be cleaned. Does anyone know where can I get card board covers (not sleeves) for them or some other way of storing them?
Check out this site
Great, That will do. Thanks
I have designed a zip outer sleeve for our precious LPs! Excellent fit for both single and gatefold LPs. If you need to see pictures of the bag, drop me a note at [email protected] if interested.
Far West Records is a nice mom and pop out LA way with better prices than the above, especially if you're out West. No website! ph: 626-335-5544.
Go to a local print shop and ask for cut chip board to size of jacket, tape 2 together then fold over and apply tape to the other 2 great plus if you still have any part of original album art you can glue/tape it to the new jacket to identify, or use a sharpie.