Squeezbox 2 or 3?

Does anyone know the differences between these? How do they compare to an Airport Express/AirTunes setup? I'd be going digital into my Arcam AVR300 DACs.

Thanks for any input.
Well, I found my answer on the Squeezebox differences for anyone who is wondering the same question:

I like the form factor of the version 2 best. I'm limited on rack space and it will work best. Other then the form factor, it looks like version 2 and 3 are functionally identical. Can I assume that the display options are identical as well?

I still need to decide if I should scrap the Airport Express for it. How is the Squeezebox SW compared to iTunes?
The SB2 is electronically and functionally identical to the SB3. The big difference is that the SB3 has an internal WiFi antenna. The SB2 has more room inside for future mods.

I would suggest that you download the SB software and play around with it before buying. Or you can just buy one and take advantage of the 30 day return policy if you don't like it. The SB software is a lot different than Itunes and most people seam to prefer Itunes.

I have a Bolder Cable modded SB2 with the deluxe power supply. I could not be happier.

Good Luck,
Thanks for the reply,

Did the mods make a big difference and what were they? Again, I'll be going through the Arcam's DACs. I'm sure a new, beefier power supply will help. Also, since I'm using all of my Arcam's coax digital inputs, it looks like I'll have to go optical with the SB2. I have an extra Kimber Opt-1 for that which should be OK. I notice that I can't use music downloaded from Apple. No big deal there for me though because I can't convert those files to Apple Lossless anyways so I'll get my music elsewhere.

Thanks again for the input.
The mods made a huge difference. I have the full analog and digital mods plus I had Sonocap Platinum and Gen2 caps added. I have it hooked up to an Anthem AVM30 with both digital and analog. The digital output is pretty good into the AVM30, but the analog output is the better of the two. It's so good that I sold my reference tube SACD player.