BOW Technologies ZZ8 or Ayon CD2

I am considering one of these players as my next upgrade.
I will get to hear a Ayon Cd2 very soon but I will not be able to audition the ZZ8. So any opinions on how they sound should give me a hint on the direction I should be looking at.
I am mainly looking at accurate tone and timbre with a very natural realistic presentation and good PRAT.
Are these players so rare that none have an opinion :(
I think the ZZ8, latest version, is one of the best kept secret of the hifi world... First player which convinced me to dump my turntable, and which as a same time doesn't try to sound like a turntable.
Haven't heard the Ayon.
Yes, I was lucky to get latest ZZ-8 (2008/2009 version with power supply upgrade) . Still another 200HRs left for break-in . (Total 300HRs).
I was surprised to experience huge difference from Bel Canto PL-1A.
PL-1A was A-rated player , but latest ZZ-8 is much better (Another league).
I could become enjoy classical music with CDP.
I'm not sure what the sound will be after 300Hrs and change the fuse.
I was not sure how much CDP could improve the sound , but it really change the sound a lot. I recently listen old unused CD again.
One of the best redbook CDP , and the best CDP I have ever listened to. I would like to strongly recommend to listen to it. As for Ayon CD2 , I have not listened to it.
I was told Reimyo 777 and Wadia 861 are one of the best redbook CDP .
I have not listened to both of them , and hope someone to review comparison with Bow ZZ-8 2008/2009 .
Hi Sanjosehan,

I tried replacing the fuse on the ZZ8 with a Silver Star but on a blind test, I couldn't hear any difference.

As far as tweaks go, I got amazing results with Symposium Rollerballs 2+ G3.

Thnak you for sharing your experiences.

BTW , have you ever had a chance of comparison between latest ZZ8 vs Reimyo 777 / Wadia 861 etc ?

Hi SJ,

I haven't tried any of two players you mention. I did own an Esoteric X-03SE before the ZZ8 and it simply wasn't in the same league. It ticked all the audiophile boxes but was astonishingly not emotionally engaging, at least to my ears. Beautiful piece of engineering, but I let it go without a regret.
A shop in the UK who used to sell both the Zanden and the Bow said they were uncomfortably close sound-wise.

Thank yo uvery much for sharing your experience.
I'll try tweaks with Symposium Rollerballs 2+ G3 .

Thank you again your precious recommendations.
Finally , I got Symposium Rollerblocks II+ G3 under my ZZ-8.
I'm surprised the sound was improved a lot .
I really appreciate for your advice.

I'm considering to try them for my Tube Inti-Amp , too.

Hi all,

I have recently bought a zz-8 which I think is the old version. I have compared it with the Audio Aero Prestige SACD Reference. Although both have their own traits but one thing I have to agree is that the ZZ-8 is very emotionally engaging.

I'm now look to upgrade it to the current level. Please could you recommend who I should contact?

Thank you very much
Hi; go to Skype and contact Lars moltke in Kopenhagen, he is the Designer and will ve happy to guide you.