Boulder 2008

Looking in to a new phono stage. considering the BOulder 2008. Anyone have any experiance with this. Is it one of the best?


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Well for what its worth..
I own and very much enjoy a 2008 phono preamp. I have auditioned other phono preamps (albeit none costing nearly as much) in my system and while some were very good, none were able to deliver the whole musical package like the Boulder. It has a smoothness and a dynamic realism that I have not heard with any other component in my system. I agree it is an extravagance and very pricey, I did however purchase the dealer demo unit and it made it a little bit less so. Besides, after hearing many other units at home, my wife, a total non audiophile claimed it was "by far the best sounding music she has ever heard in our room"...what more need be said.
Relax and enjoy. Jerry