Bose Soundlink III with mini-ambio

Jumping in here.  I am a tinkerer on limited budget, but love high quality audio, particularly ways to play with sound stage, willing to experiment with most anything that helps that.  Mini-ambio digital processor has been interesting item in that regard.

Have recently sold room system used in my studio for many years to explore high-end headphones.  Sound quality of present phones/amp/dac is outstanding but sound stage is diminished as expected. For now I have Bose Soundlink III in my studio and find the audio quality more than passable for listening while working. It has two side by side speakers and I installed my mini-ambio between FLAC file output through 3.5mm MacBookPro headphone jack into aux stereo input for Bose Soundlink III, but am not getting any apparent widening of sound stage.

Anybody have any experience with mini-ambio  and with mating it with unit like Soundlink III?