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Can those of you who own or have tested the BMC PureUSB1 cable offer some feedback? Their 5 meter version is of interest for me simply because it allows me to do a longer run where necessary, but would like to hear about whether it actually affects what you're hearing and which cables you compared against. Thanks in advance.
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I am very happy with the PureUSB1 cable in 5m length that I picked up; the onboard/powered approach helps ensure the signal is what it is meant to be at that distance and the sound quality, dynamics, etc...are all first rate. It also has a real world price tag unlike some other high-end USB cables whose price is off the charts (for little good reason when you take into consideration what a USB cable needs to be versus a high-quality analog interconnect...).
Rnwong:'s hard to beat for its price or any other; couple that with the power-applied option, it makes it ideal for long runs. Mine is 5M to allow me current and future flexibility and you'd never know it's such a long cable as the quality of the sound is extremely good and I am very pleased....

Bcgator: enjoy the arrival of the new cable; it will be interesting to hear what you think!
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