BMC PureUSB1 Cable...

Can those of you who own or have tested the BMC PureUSB1 cable offer some feedback? Their 5 meter version is of interest for me simply because it allows me to do a longer run where necessary, but would like to hear about whether it actually affects what you're hearing and which cables you compared against. Thanks in advance.
I am very happy with the PureUSB1 cable in 5m length that I picked up; the onboard/powered approach helps ensure the signal is what it is meant to be at that distance and the sound quality, dynamics, etc...are all first rate. It also has a real world price tag unlike some other high-end USB cables whose price is off the charts (for little good reason when you take into consideration what a USB cable needs to be versus a high-quality analog interconnect...).
Myself and four of our listening group members have switched to the BMCPureUSB1 cable after numerous comparisons with other USB wires.. One of our group switch from the Audioquest Diamond USB wire after hearing this wire. For the price is hard to beat.
Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it. I have a BMC PureUSB1 on order, will have it next week. Will post my impressions afterward. Have a good weekend all.
Rnwong:'s hard to beat for its price or any other; couple that with the power-applied option, it makes it ideal for long runs. Mine is 5M to allow me current and future flexibility and you'd never know it's such a long cable as the quality of the sound is extremely good and I am very pleased....

Bcgator: enjoy the arrival of the new cable; it will be interesting to hear what you think!
Hi all,

I've had the BMC PureUSB1 cable for a few weeks now and have had ample time to enjoy it. It was packaged very nicely in a drawstring pouch in a little drawer-style box. The cable itself seems to be of very high quality - it doesn't feel cheap in any way.

Here's my setup:

- Win7 PC running JRiver 19, Peachtree WASAPI 24/192 driver

- BMC PureUSB1 cable from PC to Peachtree X-1 Grand Integrated (ESS9018 Sabre 32 DAC, asynch XMOS USB)

- Audio Legend bi-wire speaker cables

- Wilson Benesch Arc Speakers

I purchased the PureUSB in 5M configuration because I wanted to move my office around and move the amp further from the computer, about 13ft away, necessitating a USB cable that could do a long run without dropouts or problems. In that regard, the PureUSB works fine, no problems, purpose served. I got a good deal on a dealer demo cable, so my cost was far below retail, which always helps.

The PureUSB replaces an 8ft Belden Gold USB cable, which cost me around $10 off eBay I think. In terms of sound quality specifically, I cannot hear any difference between the BMC USB cable and the Belden Gold. Music choices include Charlie Haden (my favorite bassist), Woman's Hour (favorite new group for 2015), Eagles Greatest Hits, Allison Krauss, some Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian fans will know her) and others, all lossless FLAC/AIFF.

As always, the usual qualifiers apply. This is with my particular system (I consider the Wilson Benesch speakers very transparent and uncolored, but that's a matter of personal perspective), in my particular room, and my particular ears. The PureUSB1 does its job in terms of giving me 15ft run capability, but in terms of changing what I'm hearing vs. the Belden Gold that didn't happen. I'm very pleased with the sound - it's not a case of disappointment with what I'm hearing. Only that what I'm hearing hasn't changed from the previous cable - it sounded great before, sounds great now.

If additional listening reveals new findings, I'll update the thread.