Blue laser in CDP?

Just wanted to mention in a recent article I read that blue lasers can read much higher density discs and seemd to have better quality than red. Don't know if they are used in DVD players now or they could be the next big improvement in digital.
I don't think that there are any blue laser DVD or CD players currently on the market. The rumor is that the new Linn universal player due in January will be the first blue laser player on the market. Linn's "silver disk engine" should also be licensed to other manufacturers in a somewhat downgraded form. The universal DACs for the new player were developed right here in Texas by ESS. Apparently the same DACs will be able to process PCM as well as DSD in their native forms. I can barely wait to check it out.
I thought that one of the YBA players and perhaps the Classe omega player used blue lasers. I may be totally wrong on that though. There were a lot of technical papers written a few years ago (one of my profs was doing lots of research in blue lasers) and basically there seemed to be no real benefit over red for CD reading. Arthur
My Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK II emits a blue light inside the cd transport while playing, but I don't know if it's from a blue laser.
Yes, YBA cd players - CD integra, CD3, CD2 and their flapship CD1 are all using blue laser but comes with only 18bit converter.
It's not blue laser but a blue led place near the reading laser.