blue circle power cables

does anyone have experience w/ blue circle bc 61 & 62 power cables? they would be used w/ amp, pre, & CDP? any comparably priced (>$300/ea range) competitors would be appreciated as well.
I have no experience with the BC 61. The BC 62, at its used price of $100-$125 is, in my opinion, a no-brainer. At $150 or so new, there might be better alternatives, especially used, for another $50 or so, and in the $250-$300 range, there is probably some ultra serious competition. The BC 62's strengths are its general neutrality and pinpoint imaging. In my system, I've set $200 used or new as the upper band for cords and I prefer the Cardas Golden in my setup to the BC62, which I have since sold. The Cardas offers a much quieter background, more refined treble and smoother sound from bottom to top. The BC 62 has tighter bass, but I don't necessarily know if tighter is more accurate; in my experience "tighter bass" usually goes along with a slightly leaner presentation from the bass up and this is the case comparing the BC 62 to the Golden. FWIW, the guy I sold my BC 62 to thought that it was a fabulous cord in the $100-$125 range, but also thought the JPS power was a fair bit better. In the $150-$200 area, the Synergistic Research Master Coupler might be worth trying, and in the $250 range, the Audience cord seems to garner a lot of praise as well. Also FWIW, the BC 62 sounds much better with the ground floated, but a lot of cords do.
I use 3 BC62's (amps, power center) and 4 BC61's (preamps, digital). I have no complaints. They can be purchased new for $165 (BC62) and $83 (BC61) if you find the right dealer.
I agree with Sugarbrie, the Blue Circles represent very good value. I have a BC62 on my amp. I have also used the BC61 and it works very well on a CDP. Neutral with very good dynamics.

I've been using BC62's for my cd and amp for about
2 years,and I can't seem to get rid of them yet.
For the price I am having trouble finding others
that compare so I quess they will stay unless I can find
something better for the price.
I use a Cardas Golden Reference for my pre though and
it is a good matchup with the BC's sonically but at
3-4 times the price I won't be getting multiples of those.
At $300, Pure Note Sigma