Has anyone tried this combo, and can share their expreience?
do they mate well sound wise, enough power ?
i cant audition hem together.
i listen to rock ,jazz ,some pop.
my other option is the plinius 9200, wich i heard with the spendor (very good).

Thank you,

the plinius would be the ticket by a nose...the s8e also
Thank you for the response.
any other opinions?
I'm a BC dealer...I have two customers with NSCS using Spendor S5E speakers and are very happy. I can't comment on the specifics since I've not spent enough time with the combo to really have a credible opinion...
Thanks for the info Philnyc.
I wish i could hear the NSCS before buying it......
BTW- have you compared the 9200 with the NSCS?
just chiming in to say choose the s8e's over the s5e's if you can...i traded up after 4 mo with the s5e's...the 8's cast a much greater soundstage and play with a lot more ease!

i've used musical fidelity's a5 with great i am on to rogue 150 mono blocks, but that is away from the direction you are heading. just be encouraged that the spendors do wonderful with solid state!
Lior, I've never compared the NSCS with the 9200 directly...sorry I can't give you additional insight for this comparison...
Hi Chadlesko, do you find the 8se to be power hungry?
do you think 110 watt ( like the BC NSCS) is enough for medium size room ,for all kinds of music?.
Hi Lior

yes, i would say addition to the MF A5 (250 watts), i've run them with a 70 watt Arcam AVR200 to great sense of strain, however, prior to the rogue 150's i first tried a Conrad Johnson MV60SE tube amp and there was a lack of power (60 tube watts). You should have ample power with 110 watts no matter what material is played...i really do miss the iron fist of the MF A5 Solid State power! But the Rogues are a great mix of both! By the way, you might consider trying silver wire with the Spendors unless your other components are harsh. I fell in love with the sound of Nordost coming through them...and a later visit to a dealer (to hear the rogues) the owner specifically asked me if i was running silver wire...the really open up with it.
Hi Chadlesko,

I know very well the sound of NORDOST, I had the blue heaven and heard the red dawn and spm, i did not like the sound of the blue heaven-too bright in the upper midrange , and like most silver plated- brighter then life.
pure silver cables like acoustic-zen silver reference avoid that kind of sound. but in the end its all mix and match ;) , wich bring me to the question how will the Nscs match the spendors s8e?
unfortunately, no experience with Blue Circle amps...let me know if you go that way.
I will, btw nice system you have Chadlesko, you must be enjoying lots of music with the Spendors ;)