Blue Circle Integrated CS Amplifier

I am almost positive that I will get great feedback, but I am about to order a Blue Circle Integrated. Not really much specific on Audiogon or elsewhere beyond "It's Great"! Any owners care to share experiences, or how they have matched the amp with speakers? Thanks in advance.
It's that good. The CS seems to be a product where the total is greater than the sum of the parts. It's very smooth, sounds natural, is dynamic, and is a compact, reliable, nice looking component. I've used it with Soliloquy 5.0 speakers, Spendor S3/5 speakers and JM Reynaud Trentes speakers, none of which are very efficient and it drove them well in my small home office. I have also used it in my living room with efficient Tannoy speakers. It compared favorably with Mcintosh tubed seperates, though of course was not their equal. I love the CS and will always keep it. It's a great product, a real value, and BC is a great company to deal with.
I too am looking at getting a CS integrated and pairing it with some Reference 3A Dulcet's.

What type of speakers are you using Witz?

There is also some more information on thd CS on, but not that much more.

Budrew, could offer a quick comparison for us againist some other preamps?

Also do you think that the CS has teh power to make the 88Db sensitive Dulcet's really sing?
i am using a cambridgae audio d500se cd player, and acoustic energy aegis evo ones, though I am most likely going to upgrade to the reynaud twin mark III speakers, and possibly a new cd player.
Hello Witz,

While I have never heard the reynaud twin mark III, I have heard peoples positive comment when matching BC gear with JMR's.

Like I said, I too am looking for new speakers that would pair well with the CS. Some I am considering are the Reference 3A Dulcet, Focus Audio's, and maybe some totems.

I would be interested in your (or anyone elses) thoughts on the speaker matter.

I have one on order. I heard it with the new Spendor S5es and was impressed.
I too love the cs integrated
Best bang for your buck integrated amplifier

Solid state design that sounds like "tube

I have it running my Monitor Audio GR10's and it sounds very smooth and not "bright" sounding which MA speakers are known to sound
Thanks mike.

I have made the decison to get one and,I guess you could say I have one on order.

Now I am trying to thinks of some speakers that will be a good match.
I have a CS integrated paired with Spendor s5es. I love the combo. However, the Spendors are only of medium efficiency and do not sound great at low levels with the CS. I have to turn the volume to about 12 o'clock to get a good sound. I would not match the CS with speakers less efficient that the Spendors (87). That being said, it is a quality component that is well worth the money.
A crazy late follow up, but I got a CS last year FINALLY and love it. Matches very very well with the JM Reynaud Twin Signatures...
I have a NSCS unit, which I love, and will say that my unit took a LOONNNGGGG time to break-in. It sounded great out of the box and has only inproved over time.
The CS will have a much shorter burn-in time compared to the NSCS...should get there after 50-75 hours (vs. 200+ for the NSCS)...