Blown channel on bg radia bgx-a2 sybwoofer amp

My theater uses four bgx-s12b subwoofers that each use twelve 4" opposing speakers. One of the bgx-a2 amps two channels died "unrepairable" and the amps are rare with BG Radia out of business. Unfortunately the amp contains the circuits that balance the output of the speakers (which peak at 110 Hz when powered by a normal amp). I cannot find a used BGx amp. Solution ideas? 
How unrepairable is "unrepairable?"
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Sure, you want a plate amp with built in DSP such as this one:

You will still need to configure it. If that makes you uncomfortable, get a regular plate amp without the DSP and get something with room correction upstream.
Thanks. I will look for one powerful enough.  
The word was used by Abell audio of Columbus. They only went as far as to look to the current "BG Radia," a warehouse now. I have put want ads out and will add one to hifishark. Thanks.