Black Discus - Free Sample Alert

I recently requested a free sample of Mad Scientist Audio's black discus tweaks.
They arrived from New Zealand in a week! I was rather hoping that they would not work since cash for tweaking is tight, but, alas, they were remarkably effective in doing what they claim to do. The pucks were placed on the positive speaker outputs of the amps and were held in place with a dab of blu-tac. There was an immediate increase in apparent soundstage and the perceived 'air' around the instruments. I also felt that some low level details were more clearly resolved. I have no idea how it works. The web site has some info, but the fact is that it did work for me. Now I just have to figure out how to rob the cash from the budget to fund getting the full on product. As a side note, Mad Scientist states that the samples are a scaled down version of the actual product to facilitate mailing via letter post to hold down costs. That seems reasonable to me and I'm hoping for a greater result when the real deal Black Discus products arrive. I'll post a follow up, then. In the mean time, order free samples at your wallet's risk.
Hey, dude- Why you re-running the exact same post you placed a month ago? Smells a little fishy to me. Just my $0.02.
And his jaw dropped ....from a left hook I hope?