Bill Firebaugh: How to contact?

Since Stanalog won't answer the phone or e-mails for help with the Well Tempered TT does anyone know how to reach Bill, the inventor of the WTT to see if support is available.
I'm guessing (hoping) that bill will take back the rains and resurrect the company. You probably know all this but others might find it interesting...Looks to me like he got bored and sold the rights to Transparent. Then they got discouraged by dwindling turntable sales and lack of huge profits and sold the rights to Stanalog. I have no factual knowlege of their business dealings,and these are just assumptions on my part. For a while , Stanalog removed the prices from their website saying they will soon be updated from 2004. Then one day, a week or so ago I looked and prices were back on at huge increases... $10,000 for the reference, $3000. for the record player.$3000. for a reference arm! When I saw this I thought in the back of my mind that he might be on the road to killing off the company. Now the site is back with the old price free pages. I don't have anything against Stanalog, never dealt with them. Carl Smith (I think that was his name)at Transparent was a wonderful guy to deal with and really helped me out on the phone with questions on my Super Table. All of a sudden Firebaugh has come out of the woodwork and is showing a new table at HiFi shows. I don't see how he can go around the world promoting his new "Well Tempered" designs if someone else holds the rights to the name. Something fishy here and it wouldn't surprise me if there was some kind of legal litigation involved. Again, just a guess on my part. HELLO BILL, LISTEN, we would love to have you back. How about chiming in and letting us all know what is going on. Perhaps it's a bad time for us to bother you with service/support problems, but, maybe you could fill us in on your intent (if any) for the future.I for one am intrigued by the new Golf Ball tonearm/table. I am hoping it will be the debut product of the new Well Tempered company
This might give and reveal some additional Bill answers:

Best of luck.

Thanks for the responses. Don
To hifiharv: I just went to the Well Tempered page and the pricelist is still "under construction". Can't find any prices listed. Don
Yes Don, but I swear a few weeks ago it was showing a new site with new prices. Now it has vanished. Another odd thing was that only the record player and the reference were listed. No more Classic. Also no offer of the old repair services like restringing arms, etc. Orig. box for shipping a table had gone up to $100.00! I know I didn't dream all this but it is now gone.
Just received a response to my e-mail to George at Stanalog. He says the website will be up and running soon. That's good news.
Ok, this thread is stale, but I felt the need to clarify something I mentioned before... I discovered that when you reach the Well Tempered website and click "Upgrades and Service" you still get the old 2004 menu of parts and services but no current prices. However, If you click "Visit our Online Store" The new current price list will appear along with the Tables, arms, and parts, etc. that are offered. Interestingly, some prices have dropped from the shocking changes I mentioned before. Reference is now 9500. not 10,000. Box is 95.00, not 100.00, etc.