Biamping Dahlquist subwoofer

I have a Dahlquist DQ1 sub and pair of DQ10s, and wanted to biamp them to Hafler P7000 and DH220 through a Dahlquist LP-1 active crossover. I hooked up the P7000 to sub (red posts of channel 1 and 2), set switches to Normal and Biamp, used Channel 1 as input, hit Power and instantly SMOKED one of the MOFSETs in Channel 1. Expensive mistake. where did I go wrong?
You should have set the NORMAL/BRIDGED mode switch to, "BRIDGED." See pages 3 & 4 of the operations manual( Rockford-Fosgate can fix your amp (
Won't be making that mistake again. I did some web research and and read the manual beforehand; thought I understood biamping circuits vs. bridged mono circuits but obviously didnt. I appreciate your quick response.
No problem! Enjoy your music.