Bi-wireing Proac 2.5

I would like to know if anybody has any personal experience with this speaker. What are the sonic differences if any between the normal vs. bi-wire? Did you get the chill factor? The difference in price is quite a bit to bi-wire and if it's not the chill factor,goosebump type of difference I don't know if it is worth the extra cash. Any ideas is greatly appreciated. Thank you, John
Hello John-
I own 2.5s and have always run bi-wire. However, my cables (Discovery 1-2-3) are INTERNAL bi-wire, not true shot-gun (2 runs per speaker).
The answer to your question is, it depends. It depends on what you are moving from and to. It depends on your budget. Going from a bi-wire cable at 15.00 per ft to single wire at $50.00 per ft is going have a more dramatic affect than going to $25.00 per ft bi-wire. My local dealer is big on bi-wiring, but also loves the new HT Magic Woofer cable on the 2.5s and this is single run at $1500 for 8ft. HT also has the Magic Tweeter at $1200 (??) If you want to bi-wire (which is HTs intent), well you do the math.
Take the same $1500 and look for internal or shot gun bi-wire and you are not going to get the same result. Also, if you choose NOT to bi-wire the 2.5s', you will need quality jumpers. The steel rods that come with the speakers ain't gonna cut it. Hope this helps.
Good post Camadeco. Cheers. Craig
I owned the ProAc 3.8's and i always bi-wired the speakers. At the time I used Kimber 8tc which was nice, relatively inexpensive cable that was setup in a shotgun configuration. I sold them because I was moving to a larger place with a smaller listening room. I auditioned the ProAc 2.5's in the new place with a single and a shotgun biwire run of Harmonic Technology speaker cable, HT 9 was the model, and found that both were better than the Kimber that I ran previously. The biwire configuration provided more information at the extremes, but I must say that a single run of the HT 9 was 90 percent as good as the biwire configuration.
For what it is worth, I would up purchasing a pair of Audio Physic Virgo's that I run with a single run of Harmonic Technology HT 9. I have been very impressed with their whole line. I would up purchasing their interconnects, Pro Silkway II, as well. Good luck.
I had a pair of 2.5's and always ran biwire because on previous speakers there it was so much better to do so.
Regarding the jumper "rod's", they are made of Rhodium not steel, for better conductivity and corrosion resistance. They are also quite pricey at $40 for the set. My point is that if you choose to NOT biwire, my guess is the jumpers are actually about as good as you can get.
Good point by Comchenry. However, most folks will tell you that if you choose not to bi-wire, you should get a matching jumper.
Biwire helps. I have used internal HT Pro9 biwire and currently shotgun a pair of Analysis Plus 9 (copper). AP flows better IMO, richer deeper bass, sounds more natural to my ears. Two good friends of mine listened and prefered the HT - perhaps a bit more neutral.

Make sure the speakers are broken in.

I am very interested in opinions of ProAc, Audio Physic, Harmonic Tech, and biwiring. You seem to have a fair amount of experience with all. Only problem is I cannot understand what you are talking about! Does "up purchasing" mean "give up purchasing"? You have Virgo's & 2.5's? You are impressed with the HT or AP line? I really want to know.
I have the Pro-Ac 2.5.I.B.W. model. It is INTERNALLY bi-wired with Mercury filled copper tubing. The sound is more liquid, and the speaker also has a built in thermometer.