Bi-wire for Magneplanar 1.6qr

Dear Fellow Agonians,
I need your assistance regarding the Magneplanar 1.6qr and bi-wire options. I currently use the Proceed Amp 2 for my maggies and it sounds great. I use Kimber 8TC wire. My questions are as follows:
* Has anyone found a benefit to using the bi-wire options with 1.6qr's?

* What wires were used?

* What benefits were gained with bi-wire set up?

* Has anyone bi-wired 1.6qr's and found no benefit or a degradation in sound quality?

Thanking you in advance & Happy Listening!
I have tried them both ways and there is a noticeable though not enormous improvement. I used nordost spm - two shotgun runs. I also tried them with this 'mystery' kimber - black and brown interwoven cable.
1. Yes.

2. Nordost Blue Heaven, Coincident CST-1, Kimber 8tc on the bass and 4tc on the treble and Sakura OTA.

3. Increased transparency and dynamics: cleaner tighter and faster bass, more extension on the top and cleaner midrange.

4. I tried a single run once when I was swapping cables between systems, but I thought the sound was murky, muted and veiled. Not surprising when you look at what is being used as a jumper.
I experienced a huge improvement with a bi-wire setup. I use Analysis Plus oval 9 for the bass and oval 12 for the treble. Imaging was better as was the palpability of the instruments and the realism of the transients.
I suscribe to the theory that a better single wire just may outperform a lesser quality bi-wire. I had AP Oval 12 bi-wires on my 1.5's and upgraded to single HT Pro 9+ plus HT jumpers and there was an upswing in detail after the change. I believe that certain speakers can really benefit from bi-wiring but in doing so one has to audition a pair against a "better" single cable. And like Fineberg above sometimes we can make things even better by using different wires in a bi-wire pair. As always, try before you buy if you can, if not buy used. Do a search at AA's planar asylum on bi-wiring to see other Maggie owner's choices.