I'm in the final stages of completing my system. I will be horizontal bi-amping my two amps with a set of Martin Logan SL3'S. I intend to purchase a used pair of 8' cables. Make believe, I dont know anything,which is not to far from the truth. What should I look for? Is there any special configuration of cable or ends that I need? What manufacturer and/or model of cable would you recommend? Lets say I have a maximum budget of 300.00 or less for these used cables - well at least my wife thinks so!!
Transparent will fit the bill, they're wonderful with my Quests. Model? Browse the used and see what fits your budget, and, enjoy! Jeff
You may want to consider using different cable for the top & bottom of each side. Some cables are more noted for bass and ...
What amplifiers do you have? If they are the same have you considered vertical bi-amping so that you can use shorter speaker cable runs (better sound and less expensive--or better quality). I also agree with Sqjudge, different cables for top and bottom make sense for these speakers. Typically, I would spend 2/3 of the budget for the panels. I also frequently recommend that checking out some cables from the cable companies library makes a lot of sense. They carry most brands and can help you find the right item in your budget and then you can compare a few different cables and see what works best for you. Obviously, it takes a little more time and effort to do things this way--but in the long run it's worth it.
I started a thread about a month ago about biamping, It had an incredible response, and a wealth of information shared. After reading views upon views, It seamed evident that most agreed that horizontal biamping achieved the best overall results regarding quality. This seams to be in direct conflict with the statement made by abstract7. It is possible that I have mixed up the differences between horizontal and vertical biamping. Let me state the way I understand it so I may be corrected if I have it wrong. In vertical biamping, each amp is doing the low and high frequencies on each individual speaker. In horizontal biamping, one amp is doing to low frequencies on both speakers and the other amp is doing the high frequencies on both speakers.
Your statement about vertical and horizontal bi-amping is correct. Like many things in this hobby there are no absolutes. If you are using different amps (or even the same amp of a different vintage/version) then you really have to bi-amp horizontally. If the amps are matched I prefer bi-amping vertically simply because it allows the shortest possible speaker cable. In theory you may get better separation in vertical bi-amping, but in high end amps with very good power supplies I think that would be pretty difficult to hear--but I do think there are distinct advantages of going from an 8 foot speaker cable to a 3 or 4 foot speaker cable.
Abstract7, I agree about stereo seperation being better in vertical bi-amp but what about frequency seperation in that configuration where the bass notes can modulate the power supply causing a disturbance in the high freq. I also agree about shorter runs of speaker wire. This is a little off topic. Should we start another topic?