bi amping Von Schweikert vr4 jr

I just read a review by Rick Becker where he bi amped the vr4 jr with a five channel amp. My question which I hope is not too stupid is how do you get a stereo signal out of 4 channels (2 rights and 2 lefts) of the prepro to the amp? I have a lexicon DC-1 and a Harmon Kardon PA-5800. Thanks, Wade
You drive 2 channels of the amp with the left-channel signal and you drive 2 more channels of that amp with the right-channel signal. Two outputs for EACH of the right- and left-channel signals may be available on your processor/preamp, in which case you'll need 4 pieces of IC cable. If not, go to RadShak and buy 2 1-to-2 RCA adapters (female-to-male) to use at the poweramp; then you'll need only the 2 pieces of IC you're already using.

Of course you'll have to use 2 pairs of speakercables, where there are only about a million choices. I suggest you start inexpensively to determine if you can hear any benefit to biamping.

I actively biamp my Eminent Technology 8s (with a pair of Quicksilver V4s on the MR/Treble and 2 channels of a 7-channel Outlaw 770 on the bass) and passively biamp my centerchannel ET12 and dipolar woofer with 2 more channels of that 770.

Good luck.

BTW it's 'biamp' and 'biamplify' and not 'bi amp' or 'bi-amp'.
It looks like splitters are my only option unless I use the zone 2 outs. Can someone recommend some that are a decent quality? I would hate to buy the 99 cent variety from Radio Shack. Thanks, Wade
I know that there are certainly better ones to be had, I know Dakium offers splitters with there Feedback Stabalizers but I dare guess on quality. Why not use Zone2 if not needed for another application?
W, I suggest you spend the few dollars for the RadShak versions while you're experimenting. If you decide to keep the biamp setup, then you have some high-quality options, including having your IC-cable company add another output stub to your existing ICs.
Yes, splitters. These are (in my case, and I would think the most popular) RCA single leads split into two. That way one can come from a single source and split it for biamping.

I would highly suggest Audioquest's splitters as they are very high quality. I would NOT do Rat Shack devices unless all other options were exhausted. As with the cable, the quality of the splitter will have an effect.

The audioquest splitters are often not mentioned/shown on websites, so many people do not know they are available. You may have to do a bit of searching. If you know a dealer who carries AQ stuff, they'll likely be aware of them and can order for you.
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