Bi-amp vs. Mono

I'm currently using a pair of Electrocompaniet's AW-220 power amps in bridged / mono configuration and curious about its affects when bi-amped. They're paired with a matching Electrocompaniet 4.7 se preamp. Has anyone done a straight comparison using these amps and if there is a preference between horizontal or vertical bi-ampimg? Switching from stereo to mono is a significant and welcomed change. Can I anticipate similar changes in either bi-amp modes?

I'm hoping to perhaps find a little more clarity and definition with a bit more separation between instruments and vocals. I listen at moderate levels in which sacrificing power would be a non issue.

I already have a pair of custom made "Y" interconnects required to bi-amp the AW-220's, but have yet to purchase the extra pair of speaker cables needed for bi-amping.

Your thoughts ....

Thank you - Al
check out this thread for a discussion of mono vs horizontal and vertical biamping with some expert input.
You'll need x-over for horizontal.More power from vertical as usual the power is doubled whereas horizontal is 150%.But if your not real power hungry speaker wise bi-amp can be nie.Been wanting my buddy to bi-amp his Maggie/Bryton combo with their nice x-over and a second 4 BST.I think an 89db+ speaker (say a pair or Merlins) would do nic with ll tube with VTL integrated,matching power amp (not enough companies offer matching power amps for their integrateds I think) with a Marchand tube x-over would be great and a value for what you get.But in main mono vertical way to go.Check the thread.
"Bdgregory" - thanks for the link to the thread answered by Steve McCormack. I've read several technical explanations between VERT vs. HORZ bi-amping. Steve's explanation is by far the most simplistic and straightforward. I've decided to go the VERTICAL route to bi-amping as soon as I find matching cables to my Acoustic Zen Hologram II's.

"Chazzo" - Thank you for your response. I'll be going the VERT bi-amp route and not have to deal with a x-over. Meanwhile good luck with your setup with your Maggies.

What sonic differences can I expect from bi-amping?

Thanks guys. Al