Bewitch A-30 tube amp? _ Puresound A-30 tube amp?

Anybody have experience with the highly rated Bewithch A-30 Class "A" tube integrated amplifier?

Is the Puresound A-30 amp the same (looks the same) with a different name for a different country? Or is one a knock off of the other, or usinging different internal parts?

Hi-Fi + mag., as well as others, gave it a glowing review. and mated it with the Consonance CD-120 Linear CD player (which I have) for a killer system.

I'd like to hear your observations.
I understand that they are sam. I bought the Chinese import version off of fleabay and checked it out some time ago and it was excellent snd well made. So with the possiblity of a few small changes in the British modified version there is little difference. It did take some time to break it and sounded terrible till it did but it has been the best amp I've ever had, even better than my old Citation I. A real bargain and a well made one too. Do a search for Lukasz Fikus and Bewitch to see a great article etc. on the amp.
It tool a while to hear from someone who had one. A heartfelt thanks.
I've notices all gear, including tubes takes a while to settle in. Do you still own it or have you moved on.
Sorry to respond so slowly but I still have The Bewitch and it is still excellent. I use it to drive my Taddeo Monitor 1's

Even at 60 watts a channel it has some trouble with an 87db speaker getting very loud, especially the woofers, unless you bi-amp them but above 87 db rated speakers they are fine. The Taddeo is rated as 92db and they can drive them to extreme levels. Since they can be used in triode mode by flipping two switches they are great for set speakers too.