Best way to ship speakers from USA to Germany

I have a bunch of speakers I need to ship to Germany each box is about 30 lbs and lets say 2.5'x2'x8" what is the cheapest best wya to get them over there? USPS, UPS???
That is not really helpful I have some speakers I want to send there. I don't see how myus a shoping service can help?
I suggest you get price quotes from:

Your speakers need to be packed correctly to ensure safe delivery in Germany. Please review custom requirements, restrictions and possible fees for delivery to Germany. Make sure your selected shipper helps you through this process. You should also ask the shipper if Germany customs will require the package to be opened for inspection.

There's this:

You can also check out expat sites.

I'd stay away from Lusitania Shipping Lines.
Not the best track record.
Just keep in mind that Fedex will probably use their own packaging, one box will become two and all of a sudden you're paying twice as much. Talking from experience....

How did you wind up getting the speakers to Germany? What custom forms were required, and did they arrive quickly? Also need to send, but UPS is not very clear.