Best way to combine Sub and floor speakers?

I have a pair of Audio Physics Tempo III and later aquired a Rel Q201E Powered Sub. I have them both hooked up to a Yamaha low end amp and it's more for movies at this point.

The grand plan comes to fruition next week.
I am moving the Tempo's to the basement (larger room) and connecting to an Aragon 8008ST combined with the Aragon's 18K Preamp.

What is the best way to connect that sub to the Aragon amp?
A) Get a preamp with Sub output (RCA output)?
B) Don't even bother?
C) Per instructions - there are 3 leads - a negative wire which goes to one of the negative speaker outputs, two positive leads, one to each L and R of the speaker outputs.
Will this work with the Aragon 8008ST?
Will the "C" option effect the performance of the Tempos?

Choice A--definitely! peace, warren
I have matched floor standers with a REL sub. ABSOLUTELY use the speaker output connections. With the sub getting the same signal as the main speakers from your power amp, it will provide better integration between sub and main speaks. It may seem less "seamless" with the sub getting the signal from the pre and the speakers getting the signal from from the power amp. I ran my sub from my pre with a Velodyne, prior to having the REL.
As a REL owner definitely C .. and I could not detect any disturbance to the sound of my main speakers.
The Aragagon 8008ST has two binding post for each channel...

A) Why?
B) Should I use one for the Tempo's and the other for the Sub?
Sound wise I doubt it will make any difference. Connecting to separate binding posts may be more convenient. The REL speaker level input is very high impedance, and so will not draw any current (or voltage) away from your main speakers, wherever it is connected.
Definitely option C, and go ahead and connect speakers to one set and the sub to the other if that's most convenient; it doesn't really matter. Keep in mind that this connection mode will NOT work with balanced/bridged amps (that is, amps which float the negative terminal). You will get a LOUD hum, and I'm talking damaging levels. I'm pretty sure the Aragon will work, but just be ready to turn off the sub in a hurry the first time you try it.
the best way to combine them is with elmers glue.

i know, i know, im not helping. I'm just hyper.

im suprised with all who picked C, i would have assumed A.

i figured that putting a subwoofer in the path of the speakers would be a bad idea. I would have figured it to degrade the signal to the speaker. even if it is oh-so-slightly.

but they probably know more about that than i do. so i would go with what they say.