best way for tubes on top???

Not sure how to post this question.
I'm currently running a pair of Proac 3.8's with Bel Canto REF1000's. I like the sound a lot but as an experiment I placed my ARC D250 on the tweeters and it sounded fantastic. It worked well with the ARC due to the fact that the input sens is variable.
Today I sold the ARC as it was a bit overkill for the tweets but am considering a pair of AES Sixpacs in triode mode. What is the best way to match the levels as neither of the amps have thier own level adjust.
Also my preamp is the Bel Canto Pre3 which has 1 set of bal outputs and one set single ended. Is there such a thing as a terminal block with attenuators on it or am I gonna have to make something?
Get a TVC passive preamp to put between the amp you need to attn. Its a transformer type attenuator and dosenot suffer the typical losses of passives. This should cost you about 300. Yes thats a great idea getting that belcanto out of there for the highs. Ive heard the highend repoduction of the 1000's not good. Use the Audio research if it works good and you can stop spending.
Actually the top end is quite good but certainly different sounding from what I'm used to. The midrange of the REF 1000's is a force to be reckond with!
The D250 is sold.