Best Video switching Preamp $1000

I have a Bryston 4bsst and I need a preamp for it. My budget is a max of $1000 (Incl tax and shipping) for a NEW unit. It must have video switching capability, preferably with DVI switching (and a silver faceplate is a plus since it will match the Bryston).

So far I've found the Outlaw Audio 970 and it seems to fit the bill mostly, but before I bought it I thought I would post a message here to hear if others had some suggestions.
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From their online presence--verified by online chat at avsforum---OA does thing well at the price points.
Check out the Emotiva MMC-1, a little bit more than a grand ($1199) but it appears to be a VERY nice unit with a 5 year warranty. They also have a less expensive alternative, check out their website...