Best used integrated under $5k

Hey guys

Preparing for a move out from our NYC apartment to a house in the suburbs. 
As part of that planning to create dedicated 2 channel space. At the moment using my salk sound speakers with marantz receiver. 
Plan is to get a new TT. Also last year I had done countless hours of auditions and based on that had settled on Wilson Sabrina. Planning to buy them used to save some dough. 
Also planning to buy used integrated. Want to spend < $5000. Short list is
- Hegel 360
- Luxman 509
- ML 585
- Audio Research VSI75
- Naim Supernait 2
- Krell Vanguard

Bunch of these brands are not that easy to find in the used market and you have to wait. 
Would appreciate any inputs on the above and anything else I should be looking at.
Make sure to save room in your budget for an upgrade when you get bored in the Burbs
Store Demo ARC VSi75 with KT150 at $5500Hegel 390 at 5500Jeff Rowland Continuum at 8K
How much power do the Wilsons require?

Looking at minimum impedance at 2.5 ohms, they may be a tough load.

I owned Ayre gear, I can highly recommend the AX5-20, Ayre has a certain clarity and sweetness that I assume carries into this integrated.

I own the Luxman. It's one of the best amps I have heard at any price. I'd highly recommend it if you can find it around that price.

The Vitus RI-100 used should be around your budget, and has the power.

The Gryphon 120 is another one to look at, but I highly doubt it'd be around the used budget. 
A lot of excellent suggestions here.  I've been very happy with my McIntosh MA5300.  100 watts and an upgradable DAC.  About $3900 from Audio Classics.