Best Used CD Under $800? Cary MF Rega Tjoeb...

Read lots of good reviews on the following CD players. My system is a new YBA Integre amp & Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. Currently running a Marantz 4000 0SE player.

1. Among these choices, are there any CLEAR "yes" or "no" options?
2. If anyone has auditioned these side by side and had a clear preference, what was it?
3. Am I missing out on any obvious contenders?
4. If I increase my budget to $1K (doubtful) will I improve my options *substantially*?

YBA Integre (~$800 but hard to find)
Cary 308 (~$800)
Musical Fidelity A3 (~$700) (not 3.2 -- 3.2 is ~$1K used)
Arcam CD 92 (~$800) or CD 72 (~$600)
Rega Planet 2000 (~$600)
Cambridge Audio D500SE ($250) (Is this one a contender? The price is great but I don't want to undercut my other components.)

Ah! Tjoeb w/ Upsampling (hard to find used -- ~$800 w/mods)
Jolida JD-100 (~$700 when available)
Let me do you a big favor, skip all this stuff, and spend $100/$200 more and get yourself a Class A CD player , I don't have one for sale but I do own 1 . It is the Sony XA7ES Class A 38lbs player,One of Stereophiles most Recommended Components for years. I have tried dozens of players worth 3x as much and was very dissapointed. This player has , Balance and RCA outputs, also variable out which means you can go CDP direct to amp, no pre-amp. Copper chassis, Volume control. It sounds incredible, smooth, warm, detail, and tons of bass. They go for $900/$1000 used , make the effort for this one, you will not be dissapointed. I think the best player Sony has ever made. I auditioned it against their New SACD-1 still have my XA7ES today.
I know that there is one on auction now, your call.
The Jolida JD-100 is an easy recommendation. There's a huge thread on it in the Digital section. Check it out. The nice thing about tubes is that you have the ability to tailor the sound to your taste through tube rolling.