Best Usb A to B in $100 to $250 cost zone?

A friend has a pair of the latest Quads ESL2912. He's a semi-pro recordist who uses them for ejoyment and to master/mix his recordings. He likes to record solo acoustic soloists and small groups at 96/24.  He sits around 10' away from the Quads to listen.  BUT he plays beautiful hi-rez music files from his MacPro into his $3000 high-end DAC via a 4 meter El Cheapo orange-colored usb cable that cost around $15.   Which usb A-to-B cable, in the $100 to $250 price zone would you recommend ??  
I had a Shunyata Research Venom USB for pretty much the same purpose, in terms of sitting distance and direct out from my PC. This was awhile ago, and it worked well. I think it is a 3m length. This is something I don't use anymore but am holding on to it for those one off occasions. If your friend is interested in it, pm me.
I would have him do some reading on the Blue Jeans website and he would likely pick up one of their affordable cables.  Great quality products advertised with pure science without the standard audiophile subjective advertising angles.