Best turntable for Eminent Technology arm

I am a big believer in the Eminent Technology ET-2 arm. Mine does not work that great on an Oracle turntable. I am guessing that VPI Aries and SOTA would provide better turntable to support the ET-2. Any thoughts?
I've used the ET on the SOTA Star and now the Millenia for many years and never had any trouble.My friend also used one with his VPI TNT.They both work very well.
I just read a website that said the ET works well on VPI turntables. They also said that the ET is the most difficult tonearm to set up in the history of audio. Good luck.
I used an ET-2 on a Goldmund Studio about a hundred years ago and went to a Shreve Rabco on the Goldmund which was quite a bit better and then went crazy overboard after the divorce and bought a Rockport.....By God I sure showed her!
Thanks everyone for your response. I wish I could afford a Rockport Sirius myself. I will continue to dream. In the meantime I will probably stay with the Oracle. Thanks everyone.