best tube for BAT VK5i

Any of you BAT owners tell what the best 6922, and 6L6 5881 tubes is for the BAT VK5i?
Amperex gold pin 7308 and Tungsol 5881's. There was a review in one of the audiophile mags a few years ago with this combination. Expensive and hard to find.
Agree. 7308 PQ's and 5881 Tungsols.
Ok, now for the next question. I am finding differnt kinds of Amperex. 7308, 6922, 6DJ8, all claim to be Amperex. I see halo getters, and "A" frame getters. Orange labels, and white labels. Which Amperex? How do I know for sure I am getting Amperex? I have been reading lately that people are labeling inferior tubes with Amperex labels. How about Telefunken? And I can't get ripped off with Telefunken, they are the only tube with the <> on the bottom. And they are really good in my curent pre which runs 12AU7's.

thanks for the advice.