Best Tube Amp for this setup?

Currently I am driving my JM Reynaud Trentes (88db) with Audion Sterling ETSE with a Denon changer directly to the amp. This combination sounds great but I want more power, bass and more refined sound? I was looking at Cary Audio, Sun Audio, Air Tight. My budget is 3K or less. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Hi, I had a pair of Trente before too, but they were drove by a vacuum tube Conrad Johson MV55 and a preamp CJ PV10BL. The sound is terrific, dynamic, big soundstage and sweet. You can do research about the MV55, which has 45 Watts but also has a power up to 100 Watts and it can drive a JMR Trente easily. If you interested I can sell you the CJ MV55 for $1600.00 without original box but still have manual and two matched pairs of EL34. I rarely used this amp because I upgraded a better one right after I bought the MV55 about 2 months. Let me know and email me. Thank you. TAN.
rogue 120 magnums will drive those solidly and have a good sound for their price point.
The Mcintosh 275 or the EAR 534. The Mcintosh will hold its value through the years better than any mentioned so far.
I have heard these with the Rouge amps and found them to produce a good quaility sound. A Rouge pre was also in the system and it was impressive. You may want to consider something from Sonic Frontiers also since you will probably get a great deal on those amps.
Thanks everyone for great suggestions
New 4k, but you can get used for 3K. 50W triode, 100W pentode. Beautiful in sound and looks. Rogue is good value though
The rogue is it. I replaced my ML 334 with a rogue 88. And in triode it is MILES BETER. Boy was I suprised. I did replace the predrivers with sovtek 12AX7LPS & The output tubes with electro-harmonix 6550EH. This tube combo is stunning... This amp can be ran in ultralener at 70 watts at a flip of 4 switches as well.
Bj, Sovtek's sure are great, aren't they? Plus i just *love* the little box they come in... a wee hammer and sickle on my 6922 boxes. Joy!!