Best transport for TacT 2.2 ?

Whats the best transport value for use with a TacT 2.2? CD is the #1 priority with DVD a possible consideration. While we are at it, how about a an approproiate digital cable value. Still looking for an amp, speakers are B&W Nautilus 804'.
As always, thanks in advance.
sony dvp-9000es
check out the theta david and their other transports i liked them a lot. Also the proceed transport is very good as well.
Is this a Tact 2.2X? If it's just a 2.2, DVD audio isn't even an option. That unit is not upgradable, and Tact doesn't support it anymore.
Glreno, I meant to post DVD as an option(only for video). I certainly hope that manufacturers will "support" thier products even if they are discontinued.
I'm sure they would fix it if it broke. What I mean't by not supporting it (their words, not mine) was that they are not doing updates to the software or hardware. That unit is digital in and analog out only. The DACs are 44.k (not sure if they are 18 or 24 bit) and not upgradable. The software is for Windows 95.
Also, just for clarification, it will do analog in and analog out, if you have that option. Tact did a weird thing with the names of their products. The 2.2 was their first room correction system / pre-amp / dac. They quit making it and started producing the 2.0. Kind of misleading as names go, because you would think that the 2.2 would be a more current product than the 2.0, which it's not. The 2.0 isn't exactly the same thing as the 2.2, as I believe the 2.2 had an internal crossover for subs, and the 2.0 does not. The 2.0 can also be used exclusively for room correction (digital in and digital out). The 2.2 has no digital out, and cannot function independently from it's built-in DAC. So I guess from that standpoint, they are different models. Now Tact has come out with the latest version of the 2.2, which is called the 2.2X (this is what I own). The 2.2X will function as a room correction system independent of the DACs, and also has a subwoofer crossover. Sort of a combination of the features of the 2.0 and 2.2. All of the current Tact products are modular and upgradable.

That's my understanding of the history of Tact products, anyway. I use an Altis Audio CDT 3 transport, which is fabulous. Call Tact if you have any questions. They always answer the telephone during business hours (EST) and are very helpful.
Glreno, thank you for your infomative follow up, it's very much appreciated. Any one else, want to share thier choice of transport with TacT?