Best Totems on a bookshelf???

I am looking for a small bookshelf speaker for my LR. Will be used for background music, and a lot of TV and/or movies. These speakers will be placed on a bookshelf, and I am a big fan of Totem Acoustic speakers. Just wondering which model would be the best for the mutiple use application and placement on a bookshelf?

Dreamcatchers are made to go close to a wall. Not much base though.
No model will sound ideal in a bookshelf, if you want to spend good money on a speaker then place it so it can sound its best, if simply background music is your goal, then why spend alot on a speaker that for one you dont listen to closely, and second will be forever compromised by its placement?
I have a pair of Dreamcatchers in my home office (14' x 14' x 10'), sitting on a bookshelf, open to the back, and about 10 inches from the wall. They sound very, very good. A subwoofer would be a nice addition, but not mandatory in my setup.
I am using the mites in my theater and love them, but have not used them on a bookshelf.
Thanks guys, sounds like the Dreamcatchers are probably the way to go!