Best tonearm for AR-ES1?

Anyone suggest a good tonearm for an AR-ES1 turntable?
Rega RB 300 or 600. Very quiet!
If your budget is somewhat limited, the VPI medium mass arm (Japanese made) works very well with the AR. It has an uncanny resemblance to the original AR arm (!), but is a fixed-headshell design with much tighter tolerances. I think I saw these on closeout at Audio Advisor a while back, so could possibly be a bargain.
As suggested one of the Rega arms would be a good match, the 300 in particular given the price points of table and arm.. I haved owned an ES-1 since '91 and have a Premier MMT arm mounted. It is a very synergistic combination. I saw one of these advertised in Audiogon within the past month. It has a removable headshell if you change cartridges often. You will probably need a new arm board for whichever arm you decide. If you need more info you can email at [email protected]