Best Surround Reciever Under $500 used

Wanted to get some opinions on this. I am still trying to make a decision about a starter HT system and I'm having a difficult time making a decision. From my research, it seems that there are a plethora of surround receivers available for under $500 used. This makes the decision even more difficult. If you had $500 to buy a used surround/HT receiver, what would you buy? Thanks!
I picked up a Denon AVR 4800 for 250. While you can't used HDMI, it is 7.1 so you can use RCA. Hard to beat for the price.
arcam avr100/200/250/300

i owned the 100 and would buy another in a heartbeat (if i had a tv:) has 5.1 inputs but no 7.1 or hdmi.
Give of thought to Cambridge Audio.
marantz sr-5003. up to date features. you should be able to find for @ $500 refurbed new.
eBay has some decent used, few year old Denon, Marantz, Onkyo and other good brand H/T receivers on for $500 or less. Just do some digging and looking and you may find a good value that suits your needs.
Don't forget to check out Rotel.
Disclaimer- I have one listed now
Onkyo 705
Onkyo 805 (I have seen some for like $475)