Best subwoofer for Matrix 802

I would like to hear your recommendation as to the right subwoofer combination for my Matrix 802 series 3. My room is about 18 x 25 ft with high ceiling. My budget is less than $1000. I like my current subwoofer, SVS 31 - 16 pci. It is great for movies, but not so musical for 2 channel stereo. I would like the subwoofer with the link function. Thanks in advance.
i believe they make a bass alignment filter for the 802.
that would improve (LOWER) the bass output of the speaker itself.
that is quite a large room though. AND, when is someone going
to make a foolproof line of subwoofers that are lightning fast and work with just about any speaker out there? i myself have
sf guarneris and would like a tiny sub (my room is 10 x 12)
with a 10 in. woofer, a 100w amp, built for music and only for music (a REL strata?)
Steven buy two Adire Ravas for $800 and be done with it. French save your money..check this out CSS CLARUSX10150. If this sub can keep up with single drivers it can keep up with your speakers.
Martin Logan Grotto ($1,000) 10" woofer

Very good in this price range.

Exactly what French fris described wanting.

Do keep in mind that cheap subs (less than $500) usually do more things wrong than they do right.
Have you owned the Rava Bignerd? Your generalization makes no sense to me. If the Logan was factory direct it would cost not much more than $ would think. You think they sprinkle magic pixie dust in subwoofers over $1000?

In most cases its just a cabinet with an amplifier and a woofer.Man give me a break please! Oh yeah if your buying a Martin Logan Grotto from Tweeter. Your going to need a reach around when they get done with you!:-) LOL
Please do compare any subwoofer under $500 to any subwoofer in the 1K range. Yes there are subwoofers in the $500 range that are good woofers for the money (Hsu). Yes there are subwoofers in the 1K range that suck. Cross-reference the two and see which group sounds better on the whole.

The ML Grotto would be around $600 if factory direct. Guess what it is not though... factory direct. Factory direct products can save a consumer money up front. However, if there is ever a problem with the product shipping (especialy on heavy subwoofers) can eat away at these savings. Also the advice on products from reputable dealers can save a consumer money by getting recomendations that better match the individual system than the compilation of glowing reviews for products that may or may not be all that they are cracked up to be. Try to get advice from Tweeter. By the time the well dressed salesman finds the appropriate pamphlet the average consumers attention, interest, and confidence in the store has wained.

The bottom line is that you can expect BMW performance out of a Honda but all of the magic pixie dust and snake oil available in the audio world (and there are lots of both available- would anyone like to purchase a jar of magic rocks or an $800 interconnect for your $900 subwoofer?)will not make it so.

My two cents.
Hey Bignerd ..some of the suppose to be reputable dealers can stick it to you like anyone else. Your point is moot!
Maybe you need to take a look at Audiogon's subwoofer section. Tell me why so many subs above $1000 retail are for sell.
Also take the time to crack some of them might be disappointed! Hmmmm "where did I put that pixie dust again"? :-)

Some of you fellas couldn't see the barn if you were standing in it.
My 2 cents!

Sorry to hijack your thread Steven. I get sick of these generalizations sometimes. Especially from someone that hasn't heard a specific product!