Best subwoofer BIC pl200 vs svs 12 vs sunfire sbs

I am looking to upgrade my sub from the JB P 12 my room is 12 feet wid 24 feet lon 8 fee 8 feet tall. I am looking at the subs listed in the heading to save the money to save the money and get the Bic and spend the money somewhere else or will the svs or sun ire massively outperform the BIC. Thank you very much for your help
Svs sb 12 plus is for sale here on audiogon for $450 right now. I did quite a bit of research before buying one myself ($350 locally about a month ago) I'm loving it! Plays really low, loud and clean! It's a sealed box so it's fast and great for both music and movies! For the price, you can't beat it. It also integrates well with my front left and right speakers. In a different class than bic, and just better than sunfire, imo. Great customer service also!