Comments/opinions on Monitor Audio PL200's

Has anyone heard Monitor Audio’s Platinum PL200 speakers and if so, any comments/opinions on them would be greatly appreciated. The speakers got a good review in the April 2010 issue of Stereophile. They’re not cheap at $8000 a pair. How might they compare with the new Nautilus 803 Diamonds which are 10,000 a pair?
I didn't particularly care for the PL200s, but I didn't spend much time with them. However their big brother the PL300 sounds pretty darn good. I would think a dealer would let the PL300 go at about 8k. They sounded good on almost every type of music I tested out. They would get a little confused with a bit of ringing in the bass and mid bass notes when you play something like Nirvana through them. The ribbon tweeter may be the finest tweeter ever made.

The require good electronics though!! I think the B&Ws are more forgiving.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for your response. I currently have a pair of B&W Nautilus 804's and was thinking of upgrading my speakers.
I have also heard that PL200 are not as good as PL300. I have not heard PL 200 myself though. Question is probably how large room you have, if small, like mine, you'll need to address acoustics. They are very good for all types of music. They work terrific for nearfield also, without any of the typical traits. Coherency is very very good. Better than usual with ribbon speakers. The other drivers copes more than well with the ribbons. They will not need large power amps. If you have questions regarding PL 300, i can try sort some out for you. They are probably underrated. There are some tweaks you could use to make these sound even way better. They will totaly adapt to electronics, acoustics and placement. IMO, that proves the potential.
I have put quite some time to make mine come into full bloom:)
Thanks for your input. I have Bryston equipment: 4B SST amp (300 watts per channel)& BP26 pre-amp. My room is 17x14 feet. I do not play music very loud. I was afraid the PL300 would be too big for my room. I have never heard a pair of Monitor Audio speakers. When you say they will totally adapt to electronics, acoustics, and placement, does that mean they are not finicky in those regards.
I've heard PL200 and I think it is a very good speaker. Never heard his biggger brother, but it is my understanding it is essentially the same speaker except for deeper bass and more output. It sounds quite detailed and lean, much less colored than B&W, for better or worse. The treble didn't seem bright but I've heard it through Marantz electronics which usually tames the sound up top.
Your room is slightly larger than mine. And yes, PL 300 would fill your room if it is untreated. I do not know the sonic signature of your Bryston setup. But these are quite easily driven. However, i do not see any negative aspects using a larger poweramp with them. Torque/ control - is always nice. When i mention that they adapt. I mean they change due to how you set them up, if you change anything in the system. They are not sharp/ harsh, on the contrary, they are quite smooth and as mentioned, very coherent. If you do as me, use draining of chassis, they become more prone to reveal even more of, placements, changes in cables and electronics. This is very nice, but it will require more causion. I could mention more of this if you'd like? (just mail me directly). If you have a room of concrete and glass, i would say acoustics/ damping is needed.
If you manage to control the environment (room treatment), you can set them up for nearfield without direct dowsides. The result is a fast sounding speaker, with excellent P.R.A.T. and impact. The sound is quite powerful and liveley, - no sleepers. The Bryston will help out. The ability of macrodynamics impact and still rendering microdynamics and the dynamical contrast is great. Further more, i think the placement is a thing you'll put time into. Because it is pending on how you'll like the soundfield.
Wide and large soundfield, or a more narrow with even better sense of holographic.
I would, i buying PL 300, start off with acoustics in your room. If this is ok to do for you? You will have a speaker that is a great all-arounder with very fast and detailed sound. You will probably, over time, learn the speaker and if you feel the tweaking is a bit of fun, it'll prove rewarding.
If you do not wish to address acoustics, they will be too large for that room and i would not recommend buying them.
If i take out my room treatment, they are simply put, overpowering this room.
As mentioned, you are always welcome to ask me, as of direct mail. I will tell you all that i have noticed.
I am quite picky, so i have tried and worked alot to make it become as good as i can get it:)
I think their entire line is underrated. I love my GS10s and I'll be upgrading to the PL100 here in the next few months. They are simply fantastic. Love the ribbon tweeter. And yes, go with the PL300. Much more fulfilling. Good luck.
I certainly appreciate the input and opinons that I have received.

My concern with regard to the PL300 versus the PL200 is that the PL300 may well be too big for my room which measures approximately 17 X 16 upon re-measuring it. The room is actually the master bedroom which also serves as a listening room. I am going to locate a dealer this coming week so I can listen to the speakers.
Inpieces is correct. Especially if you are willing to drop $8k on a pair of speakers you should factor in some for correcting your rooms acoustical problems. I think you'll benefit either way whether you go with the 200 or 300. 300 will really only be a fuller sound and better, lower bass response but aside from that there really aren't too many differences. Take it for what its worth but if you go with the 300 you'll never say "I wish I knew what the 300s sounded like."

And since there weren't many comments on the B&Ws you mentioned I figure I'll give you my summary. They kind of sound like a fancy set of Bose speakers. I heard them through an all McIntosh setup with mono-blocks and the works from both CD and Vinyl. They were very colored. Not my forte but a lot of people seem to like them. I think you can do a lot better with the MAs. But its your choice and your ears.

Don't forget room treatments!
I was listening 803D and MA pl300 side by side at the dealer's room.Without doubt I liked Pl300 better .From the start PL300 sounded better in every area.Better transperancy,dynamics ,soundstage,bass.Definetly 803D was on the dark side.After that I listened Dynaudio Contour s5.4 and C4.Bass,Bass and vocals.Bass was tunefull,but lacked clarity compared to PL300.If I had room for big speakers,my choice would have been Ma pl300.
I just purchased a pair of PL200s and am very pleased. They are probably a bargain at their price and I preferred them to B&W 804s which I also considered. I am using them in a relatively small room with several sonic panels. I originally powered via my Marantz 9600 receiver but added a B&K 200.2 to power them and I felt the sound improved considerably. They seem to demand the 200+ watts per channel to really sing. Fit and finish is phenomenal. I recommend.
I too bought a pair of PL200's and love their appearance and their sound.